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Full Root Access with Robust & High Quality Hardware. We provides every customer with the necessary tools to get a fully-functional Linux.

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Incredibly, Powerful & High Performance Managed Linux Dedicated Servers!

Xeon E3-1230 v2/v3(4 core) v2/v3 3.3-3.7 GHz 8 GB DDR3 1000 GB 5 IPs Unlimited Yes Free $150 /MO Order Now
Xeon E3-1230 v2/v3(4 core) v2/v3 3.3-3.7 GHz 16 GB DDR3 2*1000 GB 5 IPs Unlimited Yes Free $210 /MO Order Now
E3 1245v5 Amadeus XR 3500 Xeon E3 1245v5 32 GB DDR 3 3x250 GB SSD 5 IPs Unlimited Yes Free $310 /MO Order Now
Xeon E5-2620 v1/v2(6 core) E5-2620 v1/v2 2.0-2.5 GHz 32 GB DDR3 2*1000GB 5 IPs Unlimited Yes Free $240 /MO Order Now
E5 1410v2 Amadeus XR 5500 Xeon E5 1410v2 64 GB DDR3 2x500 GB SSD 5 IPs Unlimited Yes Free $330 /MO Order Now
Dual Xeon E5-2620(12 core) E5-2620 2.0-2.5 GHz 64 GB DDR3 1000 GB 5 IPs Unlimited Yes Free $450 /MO Order Now

Managed Dedicated Hosting (FAQ's)

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Our Service.

Once you sign up for a UnManaged Dedicated server of your choice, the setup process will take 24-48 hours for completion after payment is received and verified. You can start using your new server upon receipt of server and control panel logins

There is no limit set by us on the number of websites you can host on your server. You can host as many websites as you want and the only restriction is the amount of free resources available on the server.

If you are looking for a corporate bulk email hosting solution, you can utilize one of our servers for this purpose. All you need to do is select an appropriate server depending upon the number of emails to be sent or get in touch with us through Live Chat and we will help you select the right option.

Yes! You can upgrade to a new server anytime. Contact us through Live Chat or Email and we will guide you with the upgrade process. Additionally, you can also upgrade hardware components like HDD and RAM on your existing server anytime by paying the applicable additional costs.

Unlike other traditional hosting platforms which are 'shared' by multiple users, a Dedicated Server is dedicated only to a single user. You get complete access privileges to the entire server. Since the resources aren't shared with anyone, there is no chance of other websites or users affecting the server performance. Full administrator access allows complete control of all the software applications installed along with the operating system.

You get full root SSH access / administrator privileges to control, manage and run the server.

By default we provide one IP with the server. For additional IP, we charge $4 per month.

You can sign up for any of the dedicated hosting service on monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing contract depending upon your preference. You will not be bound by any minimum contract period.

Absolutely! FlappyHost also offers custom servers. Please contact us through Live Chat or email if the server specifications you require are not listed on our website. We will get back to you with the closest matched specifications and pricing at the earliest.

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